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Universal Spill Proof Screw-On Funnel

Safe for most fluids, the funnel easily attaches to various sized containers and empties faster than standard fluid funnels. The unique “loop” design keeps residual fluids in the loop without leaking and safe from contamination.


*NOT for use with Gasoline/Fuels*


After use, seals shut to prevent any remaining residue from leaking out, making mess!

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in use
pours fast
easy use
tool box storage
long reach

Universal  Adapters

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Works on nearly ALL Bottles!

All Features...

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Breather Valve

Open the breather valve and fluids will pour/drain faster than any other standard funnel. Reduces vacuum pressure, allowing fast pours.

Transmission Tip

Included removable tip is specifically designed for using during the filling of transmission fluid. Can be used or not used by simply screwing on or off. 

transmission fluid tip
flexible funnel

29" Flexible Hose

Flexible 29" hose gives maximum performance, even in hard to reach places. Allows for easily controlled pours, when other funnels simply wont work.

Closed Loop Storage

Patented design allows the user to close the funnel into a loop, thus TRAPPING and residual fluids from leaking out, allowing it to be cleanly stored in tool boxes or trunks.

stores clean

Universal Adapters

Multiple included universal adapters allow the funnel to easily screw onto nearly all oil/fluid containers without leaking. Can be stored attached or unattached.

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